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Just Back From... Japan


Harper’s featured Monique on her recent trip to Japan. Check out some of her favorite sites and never before seen pictures as she traveled through this exciting destination with her family.

Why Japan? We’ve never been to Japan and were always intrigued by the rich culture. We wanted to experience something different and had a great time.  My family and I spent 24 hours in Kyoto and 4 days in Tokyo. 

The kids were thrilled to learn more about the history and culture of this amazing place. They couldn’t wait to aimlessly wander the streets, taking in the sights and sounds.

Where I StayedAman Tokyo. Set in Otemachi, the hotel is within easy reach of the thriving Nihonbashi district. The swimming pool featured stunning city views, it was simply incredible!

Best Thing I Ate: Dinner at Inakaya. Everything is hand-picked at the farms and once they run out of fresh ingredients, they close the restaurant. It is the freshest fish and sushi. Harutaka-Ginza is another favorite.

Best Hang Out Spot: Inakaya, where we had my favorite meal, was such a fun environment–the chefs serve your food on paddles and at the end of our meal they gave us bandanas that we wore for the rest of the night.

We enjoyed all of the tasty treats Japan had to offer. We wanted to try new things and get the most out of  our experience.

Daytime Activity: We woke up early one morning and went to the Tsukiji fish market and also made time to visit the ancient temples, including the Golden Temple.

Sophia made some new friends!

Trip Highlight: The sheer beauty of the temples, seeing all of the amazing Japanese traditions and taking the bullet train from Kyoto to Japan.

Could Not Leave Home Without: I would be lost without my iPhone and Uber. When traveling, my beauty essentials are Tom Ford lip balm, SK-II hand cream and Evian mineral water spray. I like to bring a fragrance with me to make a hotel room feel like home as well. 

Favorite Shopping Trip: The Omontesando shopping district–my favorite store was the Super A Market where you are able to shop multiple brands at once, it’s a great place to wander.

Best Night Out: The Park Hyatt Hotel, where Lost in Translation was filmed.

Tom, Jack and I enjoying a night on the town!

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