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Engagement Rings: Which One Is Perfect For You?



We all dream of our future engagement ring. Whether your future husband or you are selecting this ring, you want to make sure your engagement ring reflects your personal style and is a ring that will live on your hand for a lifetime. For my engagement ring collection, each piece captures the sophistication, elegance and femininity I see in my brides. As a spokesperson for the PLATINUM Guild, I was able to showcase my new engagement collection at an intimate luncheon in NYC this summer. I love a platinum setting for rings because it symbolizes a lasting relationship, it won’t fade or wear away. With four distinctive collections, available exclusively at Blue Nile, there is a ring suitable for every bride. Check out which ring works best for you! xx, Monique 

ANTIQUITY COLLECTION For the vintage inspired woman who appreciates a timeless aesthetic. 

ROMANTIC COLLECTION – For the woman who is seeking something a bit more lavish and loves all things floral inspired. 

MODERN COLLECTION – For the woman who wants something alluringly distinct yet undeniably striking. 

TRADITION COLLECTION For the classic woman who is looking for something elegant, yet simple. 

This fall, I introduce colored stones into my jewelry collection for the first time. Blue sapphires add elegance and distinctiveness to my engagement rings. I was inspired by a hydrangea blue wedding gown in my Bridal Collection and wanted to provide Something Blue to my jewelry collection.