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Backstage Beauty At The Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear Show


Take a look backstage and discover the beauty inspiration behind my Fall 2015 collection. xM


Hairstylist Bob Recine created three looks for Moroccanoil. He said: “The three distinct hairstyles were inspired by the individuality, edginess an...

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Le Catch's Holiday Essentials


For this month I have tapped the talented Marlien Rentmeester, founder of Le Catch, to share her top 5 holiday essentials!  Launched in 2011, Le Catch is a fashion website that offers a glimpse into what Marlien Rentmeester is coveting right now a...

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This holiday season I am collaborating with GOOP on a limited edition holiday collection, my first collaboration ever!  With Gwyneth’s innate sense of style coupled with the fact that she has worn my designs, it made the decision to collaborate wi...

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MSKCC Fall Party


I had the incredible opportunity of being the honorary chairman of the Fall Party for the Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City.  Proceeds from this event supported the renowned Departmen...

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Love this look on my gorgeous girlfriend gwynethpaltrow xxM #moniquelhuillier #mlfall14 10 months ago

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Taking in the beauty of Paris! xM #moniquelhuillier #mltravels #mlsp15 #pfw 10 months ago